Episode Number Date Title MP3 direct download
427 2020-06-21 Signals and the Position and Posture you take https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/gaming/Signals_and_the_Position_and_Posture_you_take.mp3
426 2020-06-14 System Empathy https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/gaming/System_Empathy.mp3
425 2020-06-04 Leaderhip isnt a checklist nor a websearch fix https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/gaming/Leaderhip_isnt_a_checklist_nor_a_websearch_fix.mp3
424 2020-05-30 Distributed Culture, Diversity and using Game Mechanics in current Game windows https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/gaming/Distributed_Culture_DiversityWins_Game_Mechanics.mp3
423 2020-05-24 Humble is not thinking less of yourself https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/gaming/Humble.mp3
422 2020-05-17 Different yet Normal https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/gaming/Different_yet_normal.mp3
421 2020-05-10 Serious Play https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/gaming/Serious_Play.mp3
420 2020-05-03 Knowledge is power yet only imagination and Action creates impact https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/gaming/Knowledge_is_Power_but_action_is_impACT.mp3
419 2020-04-26 Doing IT https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/gaming/Doing_it_recurring_intentional_practice_action.mp3
418 2020-04-18 Living in Replay Simulation Mode https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/gaming/Living_in_Replay_Simulation_ModeNormal_is_DeadIntentionally_Act_Now.mp3
417 2020-04-13
Clarity and Confidence = Status Quo, uncertainty ahead is for making better things
416 2020-04-05 Kindness to Self and Others Urgently needed" http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Kindness_to_self_and_others.mp3
415 2020-03-29
Intentionally positioning yourself for generosity is what builds culture
414 2020-03-08 ntentional Action - focus on the ACTION PART http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Intentional_Action.mp3
413 2020-03-01 Intentional Actions, Are you using the right medium for lasting change? http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Are_you_using_the_right_medium_for_lasting_change.mp3
412 2020-02-23 Now is the time to talk to your spouse or boss about vacation and other plans http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Now_is_the_time_to_talk_to_your_spouse_or_boss_about_vacation.mp3
411 2020-02-16 imagining positive intent http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/imagining_positive_intent.mp3
410 2020-02-09 Your Counterpoint value http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Your_Counterpoint_value.mp3
409 2020-02-02 Belonging Longing http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Belonging_longing.mp3
408 2020-01-26 Games are won by those who focus on the playing field http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/focus_on_the_playing_field.mp3
407 2020-01-19 Do you inner game words free you to act or block you http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Do_you__inner_game_words_free_you_to_act_or_block_you.mp3
406 2020-01-12 curiosity, generosity & your inner game http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/curiosity_and_generosity.mp3?dest-id=209726
405 2020-01-06 Learning Faster and Better
404 2019-12-29 Create Space of Remarkable
403 2019-12-22 Owning Results & Costs
402 2019-12-15 Orchestrating your success - environment and people around you
401 2019-12-09 Your Time Source, Relationships and Cost of Delay
400 2019-12-01 Energy - sources beyond visible patterns http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Energy_and_sources_beyond_visible_patterns.mp3
399 2019-11-24 Why Machine, Deep learning & AI speeds up the hatchet of change so much - and why I think it matter to every relationship you have
398 2019-11-17  How to hear Earlier and more status, dreams, ideas from people that matter to you 
397 2019-11-10 Thoughts and Feelings take time - are you giving it?
396 2019-11-03 Move out of my way here I come http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Move_out_of_my_way_here_I_come.mp3
395 2019-10-27 QKR KPI Metrics Hard Questions and doing the hard part http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/QKR_KPI_Metrics_Hard_Questions_and_doing_the_hard_part.mp3
394 2019-10-20 Good People Might Do Bad Things http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Good_People_Might_Do_Bad_Things.mp3
393 2019-10-13 Why is this work important? (Podcasting about Relationship Power at work http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Why_Relationship_Power_at_work.mp3
392 2019-10-06 Tolerating & Tolerance http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Tolerating__Tolerance.mp3
391 2019-09-29 BetterBias, UpperLimit Belief & Risks – Please just start already http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/BetterBias_UpperLimitBelief_Risks.mp3
390 2019-09-23 Ping-pong play & Uncomfortable Conversations required to level up
389 2019-09-15 Your Story and Talking To Strangers
388 2019-09-08 On Trust - Reach and  information is not enough http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/On-Trust_auphonic.mp3
387 2019-09-02 Bandwidth of Generosity, Enthusiasm & Curiosity http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Bandwidth_of_Generosity_Enthusiasm_Curiosity_Auphonic.mp3
386 2019-08-25 Waking up Grateful
385 2019-08-25 KPIs Teaching the Test - Learning Beyond The Numbers http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Teaching_the_Test_KPIs_and_learning_beyond_the_numbers_Auphonic.mp3
384 2019-08-12 Give Early - Connect Directly http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Give_Early-Connect_Directly.mp3
383 2019-08-04 Removing Shame from Experiments
382 2019-08-04 Digital Twin Update
381 2019-07-28 Being Generous Towards yourself http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Being_Generous_Towards_yourself_auphonic.mp3
380 2019-07-21 Your Oasis http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Your_Oasis_Auphonic.mp3
379 2019-07-14 WHO do you want to teach WHAT http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/WHO_do_you_want_to_teach_WHAT.mp3
378 2019-07-07 The Mindset of learning of letting go of moving forward http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/The_Mindset_of_learning_of_letting_go_of_moving_forward.mp3
377 2019-06-30 Living Life the Right Way and vacation reflections http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Living_life_the_right_way_some_Vacation_reflections.mp3
376 2019-06-23 Structure, Relationships & Results http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Structure_Relationships_Results.mp3
375 2019-06-16 NextBetter Why Doing Better cant be all safe and the importance of doing things that might not work http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/NextBetter_Why_the_New_Safe_is_experimenting_with_unsafe_and_things_that_might_not_work.mp3
374 2019-06-09 The New Safe Embrace unsafe- to play it safe you need edges of unsafe http://gaming.libsyn.com/the-new-safe-embrace-unsafe
373 2019-06-02 Status http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Status.mp3
372 2019-05-26 Dont wait for mentoring or coaching - learn yourself http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Dont_wait_for_mentoring_or_coaching_learn_yourself.mp3
371 2019-05-23 Urgency of doing things today that matter - Learn – don’t compare, don't wait http://gaming.libsyn.com/urgency-of-doing-things-today-that-matter-learn-dont-compare-dont-wait
370 2019-05-19 Culture IS Strategy http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Culture_IS_Strategy.mp3
369 2019-05-12 Resilience - in business and relationships. What does Resilience mean to you? What does it enable? http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/resilience_in_business_and_relationships_Auphonic.mp3
368 2019-05-08 Hard work is NOT results, are you chasing illusions. Are you doing the work that matters? Or are you just doing hard work because you "hope" if its hard, it should be rewarded? http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Hard_work_is_NOT_results_are_you_chasing_illusions_auphonic.mp3
367 2019-04-29 Restorability & backup for better relationships http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Restorability__backup_for_better_relationships2auphonic.mp3
366 2019-04-22 Who controls the data for your emotional choices? Know thyself is more urgent than ever! http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/who_controls_the_data_for_your_emotional_choices_auphonic.mp3 https://www.ted.com/talks/yuval_noah_harari_why_fascism_is_so_tempting_and_how_your_data_could_power_it https://www.ted.com/talks/carole_cadwalladr_facebook_s_role_in_brexit_and_the_threat_to_democracy
365 2019-04-14 This is Marketing worth the listen or read from so many angles http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/This_is_Marketing_worth_the_read_from_so_many_angles_Auphonic.mp3
364 2019-04-07 Everything is Trust: Emotional Numbers, Daring To Focus, Pivot or Quit http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Everything_is_Trust_Emotional_Numbers___Daring_To_Focus_Pivot_or_Quit_Auphonic.mp3?dest-id=209726
363 2019-03-30 Brand, Reputation and DOING the work that matters. http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Brand_Reputation_and_Doing_Auphonic.mp3?dest-id=209726
362 2019-03-23 Go around it. Dont wait for perfect - Its OK to go around the long way as long as you keep taking steps forward http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/its_OK_to_Start_Not_Optimal_Not_Perfect_to_go_around_Auphonic.mp3?dest-id=209726
361 2019-03-16 Laser Focus: What are you focusing on right now? http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Do_Beyond_here_5_years_or_bigger_auphonic.mp3?dest-id=209726
360 2019-03-10 Strangled by your own convenience http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Strangled_by_your_convenience_Auphonic.mp3?dest-id=209726
359 2019-03-02 Your Vulnerability connects better http://traffic.libsyn.com/gaming/Vulnerability_plug_Modern_Leadership_Auphonic.mp3?dest-id=209726
358 2019-02-24 How to be a person of Value
357 2019-02-17 Status: Your Status, Others and the emotional work that matter
356 2019-02-10 Masks of Masculinity and working with David Marquet on making the invisible visible Libsyn only? both
355 2019-02-04 Self-identity and how that can blind us, in my case on arrogance Wordpress/Feedburner used from start to here
354 2019-01-28 Set things Right – whats better than right?
353 2019-01-21 Act as if – Do, measure, evaluate, experiment
352 2019-01-14 Expectations are the fuel and engine of perceptions
351 2019-01-07 Decision traceback – delayed feedback and results, learn to embrace yes or no when it matters
350 2018-12-31 Do it anyway
349 2018-12-24 How do I know this is the idea to go all in for?
348 2018-12-17 Teach Dare to do things that might not work
347 2018-12-10 Beware Fake Paths, illusionary progress and blockers
346 2018-12-03 Algoritms- why they matter so much to your relationships
345 2018-11-26 Christmas is coming – talk to your people. We are all rusty and emotional at this
344 2018-11-19 What you are unaware of controls you
343 2018-11-12 Patience – Race dont chase
342 2018-11-05 Your Communication matter – 3 simple steps for better effect
341 2018-10-29 Embrace failing AND keep taking action to learn what better looks like
340 2018-10-22 6 Steps to a Ready Resume – its time to update
339 2018-10-15 Befriend Boredom
338 2018-10-08 Let it Go
337 2018-10-01 The Big Leap and importance of State of Play
336 2018-09-24 indistractable
335 2018-09-17 Work Ethic and Grit works for everyone. Better than waiting for talent
334 2018-09-10 Emotional Work: Don’t underestimate the important of what you learn in the slow grind
333 2018-09-03 5 Friendships You Have To Make: You become the company you keep
332 2018-08-27 Ratchets: The Beginning of Change
331 2018-08-20 Motor Examples
330 2018-08-13 Your Trains, Ratchets and Motors
329 2018-08-06 You are your work in the Mesh economy
328 2018-07-30 dont Shrink, dont Puff: some thoughts on shame
327 2018-07-23 Time, investments and relationships
326 2018-07-16 Race don’t chase, Try not to compare
325 2018-07-09 Positive Future versus here and now?
324 2018-07-02 Selfishness doesn’t last – What does Success look like to you?
323 2018-06-25 Confusing Ambivalent People … your Energy  ..your results …your circles. You really become the company you keep
322 2018-06-18 Getting Pro Clients
321 2018-06-11 Shipping Continuously, Consistently
320 2018-06-04 Create Health OR promote disease?
319 2018-05-28 Your Vehicles, your results, your relationships
318 2018-05-21 Illusions about having time
317 2018-05-14 You matter. You Belong. Be[come] Remarkable
316 2018-05-07 Inciting Action is often better than all the data and insights in the world
315 2018-04-30 Options and being comfortable now versus a better state later
314 2018-04-23 infinite more
313 2018-04-16 Level up your infinite game with your finite games
312 2018-04-09 Discomfort precede change
311 2018-04-02 Who would miss the work you put at their table? Infinite and finite games
310 2018-03-26 Treat everyone you meet as a volunteer
309 2018-03-19 3 games that matter, 3 seats of power http://RelationshipPower.com/a/3-games-3-seats-of-power
308 2018-03-12 Are you ready? for opportunity when it comes knocking on YOUR door? http://RelationshipPower.com/a/are-you-ready
307 2018-03-05 Learn more – know less http://RelationshipPower.com/a/learn-more-know-less
306 2018-02-26 Dare to ask questions. Dare to question your own worldview. Dare to help others see what you see http://RelationshipPower.com/a/dare-to-ask-questions-dare-to-question-your-own-worldview-dare-to-help-others-see-what-you-see
305 2018-02-19 Behave like your manager, client or customer pay you double for your result http://RelationshipPower.com/a/behave-like-your-manager-client-or-customer-pay-you-double-for-your-result
304 2018-02-12 Borrowing Happiness from tomorrow http://RelationshipPower.com/a/borrowing-happiness-from-tomorrow
303 2018-01-29 Owning you Strength http://RelationshipPower.com/a/owning-you-strength
302 2018-01-22 Introduction to ComputerGames or new recruit at office http://RelationshipPower.com/a/introduction-to-computergames-or-new-recruit-at-office
301 2018-01-15 The Magic of Delegating Better http://RelationshipPower.com/a/the-magic-of-delegating-better
300 2018-01-08 State of Play: Focus on the relationships that matter http://RelationshipPower.com/a/state-of-play-focus-on-the-relationships-that-matter
299 2018-01-01 One Focus http://RelationshipPower.com/a/one-focus
298 2017-12-25 Invest in your sleep – investing in better results, connections & empathy http://RelationshipPower.com/a/invest_in_your_sleep
297 2017-12-18 Time with your most important people.. and what story the data tells http://RelationshipPower.com/a/time-with-your-most-important-people-and-what-story-the-data-tells
296 2017-12-11 Exceptions to the rule. Dangers and inspiration http://RelationshipPower.com/a/exceptions-to-the-rule-dangers-and-inspiration
295 2017-12-04 Asking Right – a few thoughts on how to ask questions: For advice or anything else. http://RelationshipPower.com/a/asking-right
294 2017-11-26 Your Attention in the modern age and how it affects your relationships and everything http://RelationshipPower.com/a/your_attention_in_the_modern_age
293 2017-11-20 Your Compass and your Map-Making skills, your maps Legends and your ability to share Vision of what may be http://RelationshipPower.com/a/your-compass-and-your-map-making-skills-your-maps-legends-and-your-ability-to-share-vision-of-what-may-be
292 2017-11-13 Clarity, Clarity, Clarity – only then communicate http://rrelationshipPower.com/a/clarity-clarity-clarity-only-then-communicate
291 2017-11-06 What’s YOUR style of play? This is not a quickfix/howto podcast harvesting on fear of loss, need for guarantees or checklist http://RelationshipPower.com/a/your_style_of-_play
290 2017-10-30 The gap between ambition and effort-level http://RelationshipPower.com/a/the-gap-between-ambition-and-effort-level
289 2017-10-23 Choosing Your Manager, Clients, Students, Customers – basically who you want to serve and why http://RelationshipPower.com/a/choosing-your-manager-clients-students-customers-basically-who-you-want-to-serve-and-why-today-i-want-tap-on-the-theme-you-are-the-company-you-choose-and-i-want-to-highlight-y/
288 2017-10-16 Your time mostly comes from your actions http://RelationshipPower.com/a/your-time-mostly-comes-from-your-actions/
287 2017-10-09 Bimodal organisation Development & Digital Transformation still require a People First mindset http://RelationshipPower.com/a/bimodal-organisation-development-digital-transformation-still-require-a-people-first-mindset
286 2017-10-02 Deflecting – Connect or Disconnect, dont deflect http://RelationshipPower.com/a/deflecting_connect_or_disconnect_dont_deflect
285 2017-09-30 celebrating International Podcast Day http://RelationshipPower.com/a/international_podcast_day2017
284 2017-09-25 Digital Transformation, Operational BI and the importance of infrastructure and well oiled listening processes http://RelationshipPower.com/a/digital-transformation-operational-bi-and-the-importance-of-infrastructure-and-well-oiled-listening-processes
283 2017-09-17 A tribute to Seth Godin's altMBA http://RelationshipPower.com/a/a_tribute_to_seth_godins_altMBA
282 2017-09-11 Train your imagination – What you are unaware of controls your options http://RelationshipPower.com/a/train-your-imagination-what-you-are-unaware-of-controls-your-options
281 2017-09-04 The Purpose of Analytics is Change. Listen to the 4+Arrows within every dot on every graph http://RelationshipPower.com/a/the-purpose-of-analytics-is-change-listen-to-the-4arrows-within-every-dot-on-every-graph
280 2017-08-28 Analytics & algorithms – enhancing beyond your own direct experience http://RelationshipPower.com/a/analytics-algorithms-enhancing-beyond-your-own-direct-experience/
279 2017-08-21 Come Storms, Ebb, Tide and high water – I will be here lighting your path toward this position http://RelationshipPower.com/a/come-storms-ebb-tide-and-high-water-i-will-be-here-lighting-your-path-toward-this-position/
278 2017-08-14 Embrace your draft: responsibly & publicly http://RelationshipPower.com/a/embrace-your-draft-responsibly-publicly/
277 2017-08-07 Effects of having a contingency plan BEFORE you need it http://RelationshipPower.com/a/effects-of-having-a-contingency-plan-before-you-need-it/
276 2017-07-31 Encourage, Encourage, Encourage – don’t punish instead be clear and positive about the future http://RelationshipPower.com/a/encourage-encourage-encourage-dont-punish-instead-be-clear-and-positive-about-the-future/
275 2017-07-24 Exponential results ways to get that 1% behavior that yields 99% of your result http://RelationshipPower.com/a/does-routine-really-help-us-get-to-our-goals
274 2017-07-17 Seeing things from others, zoomed-out perspective http://RelationshipPower.com/a/seeing-things-from-others-zoomed-out-perspective
273 2017-07-10 Doves & Hawks, Relationship Power and the Fast, Connected Economy http://RelationshipPower.com/a/doves_and_hawkes_curvesofevolutionfastconnectedeconomy
272 2017-07-03 Know your people – and some thoughts on KPIs, metrics and measurements http://RelationshipPower.com/a/know-your-people-and-some-thoughts-on-kpis-metrics-and-measurements
271 2017-06-26 Behaviour Follows Assumptions – You become the company you keep http://RelationshipPower.com/a/behaviour-follows-assumptions-you-become-the-company-you-keep
270 2017-06-23 How to Create a Deeper Relationship with Your Online Audience with Cliff Ravenscraft http://relationshippower.com/a/how-to-create-a-deeper-relationship-with-your-online-audience-with-cliff-ravenscraft
269 2017-06-19 Freedom can best be created before you need it – leaving that choice to others will make you a commodity http://relationshippower.com/a/freedom-can-best-be-created-before-you-need-it-leaving-that-choice-to-others-will-make-you-a-commodity
268 2017-06-12 Intention and Attention http://RelationshipPower.com/a/intention-and-attention
267 2017-06-05 Go Beyond your muscle failure.  Build your business and character like a personal trainer. http://RelationshipPower.com/a/go-beyond-your-muscle-failure-build-your-business-and-character-like-a-personal-trainer
266 2017-05-29 My weird honors your weird http://RelationshipPower.com/a/my-weird-honours-your-weird
265 2017-05-22 Take your positions – Who do you want to help and why? http://RelationshipPower.com/a/take-your-positions-who-do-you-want-to-help-and-why
264 2017-05-15 Tension, Empathy & Sympathy – Responsibility from different perspectives http://RelationshipPower.com/a/tension-empathy-sympathy-responsibility-from-different-perspectives
263 2017-05-08 Exciting times – What’s exciting for you might not be exciting for someone else http://RelationshipPower.com/a/exciting-times-whats-exciting-for-you-might-not-be-exciting-for-someone-else
262 2017-05-01 Why High Standards help you – Why Commitment increase attention http://RelationshipPower.com/a/why-are-you-doing-this-why-high-standards-help-you-why-commitment-increase-attention
261 2017-04-24 Throughput thoughts http://RelationshipPower.com/a/throughput-thoughts
260 2017-04-17 Full Contact play with your Anti-thesis http://RelationshipPower.com/a/full-contact-play-with-your-anti-thesis
259 2017-04-10 thoughts on becoming a commodity and choosing your position http://RelationshipPower.com/a/commodity_and_choosing_your_position
258 2017-04-03 Race don’t chase – some thoughts on awards http://RelationshipPower.com/a/race-dont-chase-some-thoughts-on-awards
257 2017-03-27 Mind your attitude – let go of labels http://RelationshipPower.com/a/mind-your-attitude-let-go-of-labels
256 2017-03-20 The Power of a Delta.txt file of how things should and could be http://RelationshipPower.com/a/the-power-of-a-delta-txt-file-of-how-things-should-and-could-be
255 2017-03-13 Simple – not easy http://RelationshipPower.com/a/simple-not_easy
254 2017-03-06 Gratefulness & Respect – your choice of words matter http://RelationshipPower.com/a/gratefulness-respect-your-choice-of-words-matter
253 2017-02-20 Your Life is not a prologue, don’t wait, the time is now http://RelationshipPower.com/a/your-life-is-not-a-prologue-dont-wait-the-time-is-now
252 2017-02-13 Digital Connections, and the power of the system and our emotions of feeling connected. http://RelationshipPower.com/a/digital-connections-and-the-power-of-the-system-and-our-emotions-of-feeling-connected
251 2017-02-07 There is a message for you everywhere. If you’re looking for it you’ll always find a lesson, anywhere, at all times, from everyone http://RelationshipPower.com/a/there_is_a_message_for_you_everywhere
250 2017-02-06 You become the company you keep http://RelationshipPower.com/a/you-become-the-company-you-keep
249 2017-01-30 Time is your most precious investment – become aware http://RelationshipPower.com/a/time-is-your-most-precious-investment-become-aware
248 2017-01-23 Listen for what is not said + John Lee Dumas Entrepreneurs on Fire second Kickstarter http://RelationshipPower.com/a/listen-for-what-is-not-said-john-lee-dumas-entrepreneurs-on-fire-second-kickstarter
247 2017-01-16 Age of Instant Access and Connection Analytics http://RelationshipPower.com/a/age-of-instant-access-and-connection-analytics
246 2017-01-09 Meta-Memory, Meta-Me – Self-confusion and Clarity,  Psychosynthesis & Imagery Exercises http://RelationshipPower.com/a/meta-memory_clarity_psychosynthesis
245 2017-01-02 Age of Access, Virtual Reality and Digital_Twins http://RelationshipPower.com/a/age-of-access-virtual-reality-and-digital_twins
244 2016-12-26 Nobody owes you is a mindset that often helps us build better relationships. http://RelationshipPower.com/a/nobody-owes-you-is-a-mindset-that-often-helps-us-build-better-relationships
243 2016-12-19 Connection is a feeling – Christmas and other Rare activities http://RelationshipPower.com/a/connection-is-a-feeling-christmas-and-other-rare-activities
242 2016-12-12 Talking about performance to make behaviours more effective with authenticity and without acting http://RelationshipPower.com/a/talking_about_performance_behaviours_and_effect
241 2016-12-05 Gratitude for others no? Benefits of making it easy for others to say no. http://RelationshipPower.com/a/gratitude-for-others-no-benefits-of-making-it-easy-for-others-to-say-no
240 2016-11-28 VR – Virtual Reality means business of Generosity, might even help move away from Self-centredness http://RelationshipPower.com/a/virtual-reality-means-business-of-generosity-might-even-help-move-away-from-self-centredness
239 2016-11-21 Virtual Reality effects on Business and relationship building http://RelationshipPower.com/a/virtual-reality-effects-on-business-and-relationship-building
238 2016-11-14 Help-Others and Self-Help http://RelationshipPower.com/a/help-others-and-self-help
237 2016-11-07 Your way is understandable http://RelationshipPower.com/a/your-way-is-understandable
236 2016-10-31 Attention Waste – Is Your Time Investments and efforts making a difference for the better? http://RelationshipPower.com/a/attention_waste
235 2016-10-24 Information wants to be free http://RelationshipPower.com/a/information-wants-to-be-free
234 2016-10-17 Relationship Powers and other powers http://RelationshipPower.com/a/relationship-power-and-other-powers
233 2016-10-10 Speed determines the value of almost EVERYTHING, and every connection http://RelationshipPower.com/a/speed-determines-the-value-of-almost-everything-value-and-every-connection
232 2016-10-03 Turning Visible – creating trust http://RelationshipPower.com/a/turning-visible-creating-trust
231 2016-09-26 Seek to invest most of your time with Grateful Action takers http://RelationshipPower.com/a/seek-to-invest-most-of-your-time-with-grateful-action-takers
230 2016-09-19 Embraceing your Potential http://RelationshipPower.com/a/embraceing-your-potential
229 2016-09-12 Own your results – own your communication http://RelationshipPower.com/a/own-your-results-own-your-communication
228 2016-09-05 Refueling others http://RelationshipPower.com/a/refueling-others
227 2016-08-29 What Fuels you? What Fuels those around you? http://relationshippower.com/a/what-fuels-you_what-fuels-those-around-you
226 2016-08-22 Delayed Reward, Alternative Costs – Build your relationships for the long run http://RelationshipPower.com/a/delayed-reward-alternative-costs-build-your-relationships-for-the-long-run
225 2016-08-15 Listen to people but trust the numbers http://RelationshipPower.com/a/listen-to-people-but-trust-the-numbers
224 2016-08-08 Recruiting – when to say no, NO and when to say yes http://RelationshipPower.com/a/recruiting-when-to-say-no-no-and-when-to-say-yes
223 2016-08-01 it’s not about you - focus on the behaviour you can change - not the stuff you cant http://RelationshipPower.com/a/its-not-about-you-focus-on-the-behaviour-you-can-change-not-the-stuff-you-cant
222 2016-07-25 Credentials Decay, Results last longer. Change is the only constant http://RelationshipPower.com/a/credentials-decay-results-last-longer-change-is-the-only-constant
221 2016-07-18 Give first individually, Listen first  – Relationship power comes later http://RelationshipPower.com/a/give-first-individually-listen-first-relationship-power-comes-later
220 2016-07-11 Listening beyond what isn’t being said http://RelationshipPower.com/a/listening-beyond-what-isnt-being-said
219 2016-07-04 Commitment , Control &  Contribution and the speed of Trust http://RelationshipPower.com/a/commitment-control-contribution-and-the-speed-of-trust
218 2016-06-27 Envy and gratitude http://RelationshipPower.com/a/envy-and-gratitude
217 2016-06-20 What work really matters when you strip everything else away? What will live beyond you? http://RelationshipPower.com/a/what-work-matters-when-you-trip-everything-else-away
216 2016-06-13 Grit and Generosity http://RelationshipPower.com/a/grit-and-generosity
215 2016-06-06 Let Go – one way to become free to invite the new http://RelationshipPower.com/a/let-go-one-way-to-become-free-to-invite-the-new
214 2016-05-30 Matters beyond your Comfort Zone http://RelationshipPower.com/a/matters-beyond-your-comfort-zone
213 2016-05-23 If your job and results where a fantasy story. Would you do anything differently? – if so why, where and for whom? http://RelationshipPower.com/a/if-your-job-and-results-where-a-fantasy-story-would-you-do-anything-differently-if-so-why-where-and-for-whom
212 2016-05-16 Mirrors and actions beyond reflection http://RelationshipPower.com/a/mirrors-and-actions-beyond-reflection
211 2016-05-09 Betrayal http://RelationshipPower.com/a/betrayal
210 2016-05-02 Breathing – Cure of Stress and giver of Focus, Clarity and shape http://RelationshipPower.com/a/breathing-cure-of-stress-and-giver-of-focus-clarity-and-shape/
209 2016-04-25 Projecting yourself onyo other people - beyond the effect you probably want http://RelationshipPower.com/a/projecting-yourself-onto-other-people-beyond-the-effect-you-probably-want
208 2016-04-18 Opportunity Stress http://RelationshipPower.com/a/opportunity_stress
207 2016-04-11 Criticism is futile in driving hange http://RelationshipPower.com/a/criticism-is-futile-in-driving-change
206 2016-04-04 Life can be unexpectedly short - show gratitude when you can http://RelationshipPower.com/a/life-can-be-unexpected-short-show-gratitude-while-you-can
205 2016-03-28 I am defined by my fears and my strength - but not limited to neither http://RelationshipPower.com/a/i-am-defined-by-my-fears-and-strengths-by-not-limited-to-neither
204 2016-03-21 I (Ric) interviews John Lee Dumas from EntrepreneurOnFire on how to connect to raving fans, Leadership and getting results. http://RelationshipPower.com/a/interview-with-john-lee-dumas-entrepreneuronfire
203 2016-03-15 Learn to learn new things + Climbing example http://RelationshipPower.com/a/learn-to-learn-new-things-climbing-example
202 2016-03-07 Embrace tension, potential strength, Life and the longbow idea of requirements of change http://RelationshipPower.com/a/embrace-tension-potential-strength-life-and-the-longbow-idea-of-requirements-of-change
201 2016-02-29 Communicate on the level they want AND the level you need for effect. Some DiSC talk http://RelationshipPower.com/a/communicate-on-the-level-they-want-and-the-level-you-need-for-effect-disc-is-one-way-to-become-more-aware-of-your-communication-strengths-and-how-they-are-perceived-by-others-and-how-you-can-adapt-y/
200 2016-02-22 Celebrating 100 episodes. Giving away 3×10 Leadership Coaching Sessions + 30 kindle books and talking about Be Generous & Walk Your Talk http://RelationshipPower.com/a/100-episodes-giving-away-3x10-leadership-coaching-sessions-30-kindle-books-be-generous-walk-your-talk
199 2016-02-15 Stuck is just most often just a mindset http://RelationshipPower.com/a/818-2
198 2016-02-08 Neutral or criticize - its potential cost and rewards http://RelationshipPower.com/a/neutral-or-criticize-and-its-potential-cost-and-rewards
197 2016-02-01 The power of enthusiasm for others enthusiasm is amazing http://RelationshipPower.com/a/the-power-of-enthusiasm-for-others-enthusiasm-is-amazing
196 2016-01-25 Selfishly Generous http://RelationshipPower.com/a/selfishly-generous
195 2016-01-18 Tap into the larger conversation http://RelationshipPower.com/a/tap-into-the-larger-conversation
194 2016-01-11 Listening Brands: How data is rewriting the rules of branding http://RelationshipPower.com/a/listening-brands-how-data-is-rewriting-the-rules-of-branding
193 2016-01-04 When to create commitment first and compliance second http://RelationshipPower.com/a/when-to-create-commitment-first-compliance-second
192 2015-12-28 Reflect over your time investments this year – What could you do differently? http://RelationshipPower.com/a/reflect-over-your-time-investments-this-year-what-could-you-do-differently
191 2015-12-21 Be the change you want – Take action instead of just assuming how you think things “should” be http://RelationshipPower.com/a/be-the-change-you-want-instead-of-assuming-how-you-think-things-should-be
190 2015-12-14 Un-awareness controls your options. Help yourself and others to awareness, insights and transform those to actions and awareness for those actions feedback. http://RelationshipPower.com/a/un-awareness-controls-your-options
189 2015-12-07 Trust – is in my humble opinion, everything in Relationship Power. http://RelationshipPower.com/a/trust
188 2015-11-30 Fragile Puzzle Parts of Life, relationships and results http://RelationshipPower.com/a/fragile-puzzle-parts-of-life-relationships-and-results
187 2015-11-23 Generosity and its powers helps yourself and others grow towards your potential http://RelationshipPower.com/a/generosity-and-its-powers-helps-yourself-and-others-grow-towards-your-potential
186 2015-11-12 Recognizable you - Lessons learned from Phil Pallen and Lauren Moore http://RelationshipPower.com/a/recognizable-you-lessons-learned-from-Phil-Pallen-and-Lauren-Moore
185 2015-11-09 The Power of Pessimistic Thinking http://RelationshipPower.com/a/the-power-of-pessimistic-thinking
184 2015-11-02 Dreams & Goalsettings, Plans & Life Transformations http://RelationshipPower.com/a/dreams-goalsettings-plans-and-life-transformations
183 2015-10-26 Loog your work - Be transparent on status to yourself and others now and in the future http://RelationshipPower.com/a/log-your-work-be-transparent-on-status-to-yourself-and-others
182 2015-10-19 Gratitude - Share yours with others - Let others share theirs in yours http://RelationshipPower.com/a/gratitude-share-yours-with-others-let-others-share-theirs-in-yours
181 2015-10-12 Leadership is about getting results and why to get them for yourself and others - relax about trying to become someone else to lead and just be yourself http://RelationshipPower.com/a/leadership-is-about-getting-results-and-why-to-get-them-for-yourself-and-others
180 2015-10-05 The Power part in relationships and dating http://RelationshipPower.com/a/the-power-part-in-relationships-and-dating
179 2015-09-28 Make it easy for the others to take action not just you - Pushing it out of your plate is not getting it done http://RelationshipPower.com/a/make-it-easy-for-the-others-to-take-action-not-just-you-pushing-it-out-of-your-plate-is-not-getting-it-done
178 2015-09-21 Everything gives relationship status feedback - Even a simple hair coloring talk http://RelationshipPower.com/a/everything-gives-relationship-status-feedback-even-a-simple-hair-coloring-talk
177 2015-09-14 Story Power - Choose your words with care - You are the author of your life story http://RelationshipPower.com/a/story-power-choose-your-words-with-care-you-are-the-author-of-your-life-story
176 2015-09-07 Your Expectations are your responsibility – Own them! http://RelationshipPower.com/a/your-expectations-are-your-responsibility-own-them
175 2015-08-31 Inner Games – Energy and Connection exploration of worth http://RelationshipPower.com/a/inner-game-energy-and-connections-worth-exploring
174 2015-08-28 Courage to stretch - courage to rest http://RelationshipPower.com/a/courage-to-stretch-courage-to-rest
173 2015-08-24 The Power of Questions - and the feelings and energy they create that linger long after the Question is answered http://RelationshipPower.com/a/the-power-of-questions-and-the-feelings-and-energy-they-create
172 2015-08-20 You can do Anything - but not Everything http://RelationshipPower.com/a/you-can-do-anything-but-not-everything
171 2015-08-17 What kind of person would you like to become? TEDx talk by Camillla - thefreeproject.com http://RelationshipPower.com/a/what-kind-of-person-would-you-like-to-become-tedx-talk-by-camillla-thefreeproject
170 2015-08-13 Time Entwined - who is around you the most and how are they actively helping? http://RelationshipPower.com/a/time-entwined-who-is-around-you-the-most-and-how-are-they-actively-helping
169 2015-08-10 Imagination - The power of what MAY be http://RelationshipPower.com/a/imagination-the-power-of-what-may-be
168 2015-08-06 Tribute from me to Cliff Ravenscraft and his amazing podcasting A to Z-course http://RelationshipPower.com/a/tribute-from-me-to-cliff-ravenscraft-and-his-amazing-podcasting-a-to-z-course
167 2015-08-03 Everything in your life has a game window - what game are you playing right now? http://RelationshipPower.com/a/everything-in-your-life-has-a-game-window-what-game-are-you-playing-right-now
166 2015-07-30 Example of Complex Global Process - Labels in thousands of shops around the globe - Ric Personal Why Story http://RelationshipPower.com/a/personal-why-examples-complex-processes-on-a-global-scale-revenue-driving-labels-in-many-thousands-of-shops-all-around-the-globe
165 2015-07-27 We all need to bond to something http://RelationshipPower.com/a/we-all-need-to-bond-to-something
164 2015-07-23 Why bother with Relationship Power - Ric Personal Why story http://RelationshipPower.com/a/teambuilding-story-why-bother-with-relationship-power
163 2015-07-20 How to leave the table when there is not enough love coming from it http://RelationshipPower.com/a/how-to-leave-the-table-when-there-is-not-enough-love-coming-from-it
162 2015-07-16 Dont Fix it if it aint broken – listen for what others REALLY want fixing – otherwise its just about you http://RelationshipPower.com/a/dont-fix-it-if-it-aint-broken
161 2015-07-13 Guessing takes energy - Make it easy for others to picture what you do for work and what those you help archive thanks to your work http://RelationshipPower.com/a/guessing-takes-energy
160 2015-07-09 The Power of Rest - Sleep more and Archive more - Podcast recommendation Michael Hyatt http://RelationshipPower.com/a/the-power-of-rest-sleep-more-archive-more
159 2015-07-06 How full is your bucket? Words have power and energy http://RelationshipPower.com/a/how-full-is-your-bucket-powerfull-words-and-energy
158 2015-07-02 Gamification at work http://RelationshipPower.com/a/gamification-at-work
157 2015-06-29 Fan the flame - awaken the spark http://RelationshipPower.com/a/fan-the-flame-awaken-the-spark
156 2015-06-25 Everything gives feedback - Boardgames are excellent examples http://RelationshipPower.com/a/everything-gives-feedback-boardgames-are-excellent-examples
155 2015-06-22 That other way often works just fine continued http://RelationshipPower.com/a/that-other-way-often-works-just-fine-continued
154 2015-06-18 Help others without expecting anything back http://RelationshipPower.com/a/help-others-without-expecting-anything-back
153 2015-06-15 The balance between kindness to one self and stretching one self http://RelationshipPower.com/a/the-balance-between-kindness-to-one-self-and-stretching-one-self
152 2015-06-11 Teambuilding – building a WE feeling http://RelationshipPower.com/a/teambuilding-building-a-we-feeling
151 2015-06-08 Easy for you might not be easy for others http://RelationshipPower.com/a/easy-for-you-might-not-be-easy-for-others
150 2015-06-04 Heal ME plz plz http://RelationshipPower.com/a/heal-me-plz-plz
149 2015-06-01 People AND Results http://RelationshipPower.com/a/people-and-results
148 2015-05-28 Embrace reality - small progress is progress too - help others see theirs http://RelationshipPower.com/a/todo-embrace-reality-small-progress-is-progress-too-help-others-see-theirs
147 2015-05-25 unmet needs and your expectations - only you can own your own expectations http://RelationshipPower.com/a/unmet-needs-and-your-expectations-only-you-can-own-your-own-expectations
146 2015-05-21 When to talk and when to not - choose active listening to build power with awareness http://Relationshippower.com/a/when-to-talk-and-when-to-not-choose-active-listening-to-build-power-with-awareness
145 2015-05-18 The Power of positivity within to yourself and others http://RelationshipPower.com/a/the-power-of-positivity-within-to-yourself-and-others
144 2015-05-14 Fear is natural - showing vulnerability will connect you http://RelationshipPower.com/a/fear-is-natural-showing-vulnerability-will-connect-you
143 2015-05-11 Everything Decays - what actions do you take for what effect? http://RelationshipPower.com/a/everything-decays-what-actions-do-you-take-for-what-effect
142 2015-05-04 What game are you playing? Learn the Rules Beyond it http://RelationshipPower.com/a/what-game-are-you-playing-learn-the-rules-beyond-it
141 2015-04-27 Dare to be a beginner again http://RelationshipPower.com/a/dare-to-be-a-beginner-again
140 2015-04-23 Seek the energy - WHO wants an effect ? Let them drive it http://RelationshipPower.com/a/seek-the-energy-who-wants-an-effect-let-them-drive-it
139 2015-04-20 Your time and its effect on your relationship power at work http://RelationshipPower.com/a/your-time-and-its-effect-on-your-relationship-power-at-work
138 2015-04-13 Lowering the resistance to communication from others http://RelationshipPower.com/a/lowering-the-resistance-to-communication-from-others
137 2015-04-06 Accepting ourselves so we can accept others easier http://RelationshipPower.com/a/accepting-ourselves-so-we-can-accept-others-easier
136 2015-03-30 Encourage others to be their kind of hero http://RelationshipPower.com/a/encourage-others-to-be-their-kind-of-hero
135 2015-03-23 Adjust your steps but keep taking them http://RelationshipPower.com/a/adjust-your-steps-but-keep-taking-them
134 2015-03-16 Yes and No - its Power and its dangers http://RelationshipPower.com/a/yes-and-no-its-power-and-its-dangers
133 2015-03-09 Be slow to judge great blogpost by Michael Hyatt http://RelationshipPower.com/a/be-slow-to-judge-great-blogpost-by-michael-hyatt
132 2015-03-02 Why and What is important for you? … and beyond that? Take some small action today on it http://RelationshipPower.com/a/why-and-what-is-important-for-you-beyond-yourself
131 2015-02-26 Explore your own playfulness – and connect more http://RelationshipPower.com/a/explore-your-own-playfulness
130 2015-02-16 Embrace the data all around you – its all about the people http://RelationshipPower.com/a/embrace-the-data-all-around-its-all-about-the-people
129 2015-02-09 Systems beyond Systems beyond systems http://RelationshipPower.com/a/systems-beyond-systems-beyond-systems
128 2015-02-02 Inner game of Self Isolation when down-judging ourselfs http://RelationshipPower.com/a/inner-game-of-self-isolation
127 2015-02-26 That “other” way often works just fine http://RelationshipPower.com/a/that-other-way-often-works-just-fine
126 2015-01-19 The Power in Names – Yours and others http://RelationshipPower.com/a/the-power-in-names-yours-and-others
125 2015-01-12 Embrace your reality – Lessons Learned after 25 episodes http://RelationshipPower.com/a/embrace-your-reality-lessons-learned-after-25-episodes-or-anything-new
124 2015-01-05 See the individual – don’t generalize http://RelationshipPower.com/a/see-the-individual-dont-generalize
123 2014-12-29 Successful communication is all on you http://RelationshipPower.com/a/successful-communication-is-all-on-you
122 2014-12-21 The Power of Beliving others can improve http://RelationshipPower.com/a/the-power-of-believing-others-can-improve
121 2014-12-15 Your calendars Relationship Power and other effects http://RelationshipPower.com/a/your-calendars-relationship-power-and-other-effects
120 2014-12-08 First Impressions and its longlasting power http://RelationshipPower.com/a/first-impressions-and-its-longlasting-power
119 2014-12-01 Better a small step today than waiting for perfect http://RelationshipPower.com/a/better-a-small-step-today-than-waiting-for-perfect
118 2014-11-24 Listener feedback  on  “Alternative Cost” (and the word perfect) http://RelationshipPower.com/a/listener-feedback-alternative-cost
117 2014-11-24 Why do you want power to help others? http://RelationshipPower.com/a/why-do-you-want-power-to-help-others-plan-for-december-business
116 2014-11-17 Be an Opportunity Maker http://RelationshipPower.com/a/be-an-opportunity-maker
115 2014-11-10 Polarizing People towards you – Awareness and its power http://RelationshipPower.com/a/polarizing-people-towards-you-awareness-and-its-power/
114 2014-11-03 Alternative Cost http://RelationshipPower.com/a/alternative-cost/
113 2014-10-27 The Power of all the Circles around you – people! http://RelationshipPower.com/a/the-power-of-all-the-circles-around-you-people/
112 2014-10-20 The Power of Rest and some inspiration why you should experiment to get yours often http://RelationshipPower.com/a/the-power-of-rest-and-some-inspiration-why-you-should-experiment-to-get-yours-often/
111 2014-10-13 The Art of Listening http://RelationshipPower.com/a/the-art-of-listening/
110 2014-10-13 Make others bloom http://RelationshipPower.com/a/make-others-bloom/
109 2014-10-06 The Power of Silent feedback http://RelationshipPower.com/a/the-power-of-silent-feedback/
108 2014-10-06 Relationship Power at work – Appearance don’t tell the full story http://RelationshipPower.com/a/relationship-power-at-work-appearance-dont-tell-the-full-story/
107 2014-10-04 Know thyself – we are a bit of everything + treat your directs as volunteers http://RelationshipPower.com/a/know-thyself-we-are-abit-of-everything-treat-your-directs-as-volunteers/
106 2014-10-03 Your Reputation and the trust you bring before you http://RelationshipPower.com/a/your-reputation-and-the-trust-you-bring-before-you/
105 2014-10-03 RelationshipPower is all about Integrity. Your Integrity! http://RelationshipPower.com/a/relationshippower-is-all-about-integrity-your-integrity/
104 2014-10-01 The Power of your bodylanguage http://RelationshipPower.com/a/the-power-of-your-bodylanguage/
103 2014-09-29 The Power of choosing yourself by disconnecting + Necessary Endings http://RelationshipPower.com/a/the-power-of-choosing-yourself-by-disconnecting-necessary-endings/
102 2014-09-26 Relationship Power at work – The power of vulnerability + Handshake http://RelationshipPower.com/a/relationship-power-at-work-the-power-of-vulnerability-handshake/
101 2014-09-22 RelationshipPower at Work Episode001 What is Relationship Power and how does it help you? http://RelationshipPower.com/a/relationshippower-at-work-episode001-what-is-relationship-power-and-how-does-it-help-you/
100 2014-09-15 You become the company you keep  - so where do you start?
99 2014-09-08 Generosity and Empathy
98 2014-09-01 Kind leaders win better results for customers, better retension and everyone is happier
97 2014-08-25 Why Kindess and Empathy matters to your work
96 2014-08-18 Treat everyone you meet as a volunteer, dare to be vulnerable in what you dont know
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